Shared ownership or own your own home?

Shared ownership is the so called new innovative way for first time buyers to buy property investing little money, helping them with their first time property purchases, which in reality would not have been able to purchase due to not saving enough for the traditional deposit (15% loan to value) and legal fees associated with property buying.

Traditionally a first time buyer would have to save that 15% deposit (residential mortgages are typically 85% loan to value!) and pay the legal fees to go along with it.

I ask question is shared ownership the right move for a first timer buyer to make? My answer is simply no! I would say the only benefit is you are to put little money. 

With shared ownership you don’t own the house in full with a majority of the time in affect the first time property buyer is paying back two loans! One being the part of your agreement where it is contributing towards the mortgage and the other part is you paying rent to the council if you have the shared ownership agreement with them.

Another way is through a private lender you may get a 95% mortgage but on selling the house they hold equity stake (20% in this example). Problem with that is if the property doubles in price when you are ready to sell, you now have to pay that 20% against the new valuation of the house. So when you agreed to it you then, you agreed to pay back £20,000 now its £40,000.

Wouldn’t this sound more appealing if you could actually buy BMV property without actually having to spend the full amount on traditional deposits and fees?

I know from time to time you’re thinking…..“There must be companies out there who can help me with my deposit and legal fees without owning a percentage of my potential home?”

Well funny enough there is! Not only will the companies pay your fees, you have a variety of different properties to choose from and they provide a fully comprehensive service!

I have made it my business over the last 10 years exposing these secrets of how this is done as I believe there are only a small number of people who know about this method.

This method is not a new method and has been done for decades saving property buyer thousands in traditional deposits and fees! It’s just been kept a secret in property buying circles

I’m giving you the chance to get FREE access to this information as I believe it’s important that you know how to purchase discounted property for next to nothing!

You can get this FREE (Yes completely FREE!!) information pack at

I really hope the information provided there for you changes your life like it has changed mine!

Graham Andrews is a powerful coach online mentor and one of the UK’s elite professional property investors.


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