To own or not to own…that is the question!

Hmmmm to Buy or to Rent…..a question that has bothered me for a while. Well …I believe there are loads of other factors that will dictate whether you buy or you rent.

The UK more than allot of other countries places a huge emphasis on owning your own property. Whether it happens today or tomorrow home ownership is seen by many as the one of the largest achievements of one’s life. I think it comes from the school of thought that “a man’s house is his castle” (sorry women…lol). I think it’s this reason that influences us Brits to buy or rent coupled with the situation where in when where ready to make this decision. I asked my cousin why he still rents and hasn’t bought and he replied …”at the time I couldn’t afford the deposit and now I’m renting I just can’t be bothered with it anymore!”…… – I wonder if this is true for allot of people who rent?

If this was different would we ever decide to pay rent to someone else to live in a house long-term which ultimately isn’t ours! Making decorating or altering or simply building your life around your perfect little home always a slightly risky venture when you could be told to leave at any time?…(we all know that feeling when you’ve borrowed something from someone and all they do is remind you not to scuff it or make sure we don’t break it etc. Never a nice feeling). This is made worst by the rising cost of renting now outstripping mortgage repayments in many instances!

I looked for solutions and all I could find was part ownership schemes….even a service which tries to get me a loan to borrow the deposit etc….I mean talk about shooting myself in the head ….a loan on top of a mortgage!…#Nothanks

I’m in touch with a few companies offering some real interesting solutions at the moment …I’ll let you know what happens with them! Me and my girlfriend are desperate to buy but don’t have enough of the usual fees saved!….Fingers crossed!!

Ok guys….so I have been in contact with a company called Propsavvy….there website is have deals in my area (east London) and they claim to offer a service through a PPS system (property purchasing system) that will allow me to save up to 75% in fees…meaning instead of spending nearly £60k on a mid-terraced house in Chingford I can buy it for just £20,000 (which is more like a 66% saving but still huge!) I have attached the link to the deal here:,-Houses-in-E4-for-sale check it out and tell me what you think! They say they are regulated, fully compliant and completely legal. I’mgoing to see what happens and keep ya posted!

The plot thickens……..

Ok so….. Quick update!….
I’ve registered with this company and have been using site to buy property. They say that they source below market value property and as on the discount to me to save me on fees.

I was curious and requested a call back and was immediately contacted by a young lady from …she was polite and seemed pretty knowledgeable and told me that I’ve been excepted because my credit was good and the property im interested is still available!………I’m gonna take the plunge guys it’s not a new build, not shared ownership and they say they provide a comprehensive service so I don’t have to worry about dealing with brokers etc.

Pleeease give me some feedback has anybody else dealt with them: it seems legit I speak to them over the phone and they seem very professional but….Is this too good to be true?


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