Property the Best Long Term Investment – in Past, Present and Future

If you were to look at the rich list for the past 10 years and study the occupations of the majority of the top fifty individuals listed you would find that they all have something in common & that would be property.

Property is and will always be the single best long term investment, you can ever invest in. If you have any plans about financially protecting your future or really generate wealth for yourself & family property must be at the top of your investments list.                                          

Historically every 5- 7 years property doubles in price now this is not a new thing this has been happening for the last fifty years, now compared to any other investment whether it be stocks & shares, gold, diamonds, insurance, mutual funds etc. when compared over any long term period property will clearly outperform.

Believe it or not building a property portfolio in a property slump is far easier to do than in a property boom. Why I hear you ask while property prices are at historic lows it has never been a better time to buy than right now today.
Low property prices allow individuals who once had little to no chance of getting on the ladder, a real chance to stand up and take their very first step. Savvy Investors have never had it so good with so many fantastic property deals available to them with the added bonus of cheap finance many people who I come in to contact with just can’t stop buying.

So what is the difference between a savvy investor & you why is it that they can buy multiple properties every single month on end building their property portfolio, while for many owner property is nothing more than a dream.
The single most important thing to any serious property investor is their power team, look at like this if you were are a football coach your power team would be the players who play on the field, each player and the position that they play is vital to whether you succeed or fail.

A property investor power team is just the same it is made of professional individuals, companies or groups that each specializes in area of property which is vital for your deals as an investor. Your power team should consist of solicitors, mortgage brokers, financial advisors, accountants, tax specialist, property sourcers, property finders, lawyers, builders, handy men, architects, funders, estate agents, letting agents, & more. These are people that will ultimately make or break your deals, so choosing the right people is vital to your success, choosing right could give you an endless supply of fantastic deals & have all the right finance & knowledge you need to execute in buying property in UK.


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