Buying a Home in the South West

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From Southgate to Stanmore and Ealing to Bromley, purchasing a house in the South West is characterised by street after street of 1930’s houses. These buildings may not be packed with period features like their Victorian and Edwardian predecessors. They tend to have large practical features such as large light rooms, bigger plots, off street parking and garages that can easily be converted into additional living spaces. For these few reasons they are in as much in demand now as when they were first built.

Worchester Park is a case in point. Situated between Sutton and Kingston it contains the whole spectrum of 1930’s properties, from compact terraces upwards. Although the town is fairly small and has a single KT4 postcode, it actually spans three boroughs, Sutton, Kingston upon Thames and Epsom and Ewell. Some boroughs boundaries fall in the middle of residential roads, which can lead to strange anomalies – for example, rubbish collections on different days and higher costs for dropped kerbs depending on which side of the street you live.

The speedy rail link to Waterloo is a major pull for first time property buyers to the area, with journeys taking up to 24 minutes. Worcester Park is in zone 4 and an annual travel card covering zone 1 costs £1,672. The station is at the northern end of the local high street Central Road, with its mix of shops and eateries. With well-known names such as Waitrose and Costa Coffee both showing signs that this is an area on the up.

There are some modern blocks and older buildings and maisonettes for sale tucked behind both ends of the high street, in Donnington, Moreton, Longfellow and Washington Roads, convenient for shops and stations. No large-scale developments are underway but demand is high for resale at The Hamptons, a scheme of New England Style Homes of various sizes from St James.

Prices in this area are competitive in comparison to their surroundings, enabling home buyers with a flat to sell to trade up to a house. One bedroom flats costs around £160,000 to £180,000, although The Hamptons is more expensive with prices starting at £225,000. Two beds flats are up to £220,000 and three bed terraced housed £340,000. Rental demand is high and investors can let a one bedroom for about £850 a month. So why not try exploring this South London area – there are heaps of surprises inshore.

If you need professional help finding your desired property type in your chosen area you should employ the services of a professional buying agent to do the work for you. These types of companies can substantially increase your chances of finding your dream property and also remove the hassle, cost and risk of going it alone.

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Making an Offer on a UK Property

Buying a property in UKWhen you are confident you have found the right place property you can make a formal offer on it. If you are dealing with a professional property buying agent instruct them to take control of the buying process to save you time an hassle and insure the best possible price when buying alternatively if you are dealing with an estate agents you may be given the option to pay a holding deposit to the estate agent, held on behalf of the buyer until it is time to exchange contracts. This will be refunded if the seller pulls out of the deal.

You will need to fill out a formal application to your chosen lender for a particular mortgage. The lender will need information about the property and yourself. They will make checks that will consider whether you are able to pay off the loan off a long period of time and that the property is in a good condition. This is usually assessed by a qualified surveyor.

What does a surveyor do?

You need to know you are getting good value for money and your lender needs to be certain the property is suitable security for a mortgage. The lender will commission someone to evaluate the property. The valuation isn’t particularly thorough so you need to consider a more detailed inspection, a survey called a Homebuyer’s Report will do this for you, or if you want to even more meticulous a full structural survey. The Homebuyer’s report gives a good general overview of the property. A full structural survey goes into more depth and is advisable for considerably older UK properties.


The lender will make a mortgage offer based on the valuation of the property or the purchase price –whichever one is lower. Once you have agreed to this offer the legal procedures need to be completed before the property finally belongs to you.

What is the role of my solicitor

The main job of your solicitor will be the legal transfer of ownership of your new home. Before engaging with any solicitor, ask them first how much they will charge for their service and then shop around for quotes. The cheapest deal isn’t necessarily the best as these can sometime have an impact on how well the solicitor does their job well.

When contracts have been drawn up and agreed and your solicitor has received your mortgage offer, then contracts are exchanged. At this point the price is fixed and the purchase is secured. A 10 per cent deposit is normally required at this point, but this is negotiable if, for example you are borrowing more than 90 per cent loan to value. When you finally own the property, it is usually one month from the date of exchange, but it can be shorter or longer depending on what both parties agree.

The feeling of purchasing your own property is indescribable. Making an offer and it being accepted is a long process, but well worth it if you go by it in the correct manner. All you need to do thereafter is to move, which in itself can be an even bigger worry.

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John Savvy is a professional buying agent working on behalf of property buyers & assists them in climbing the property ladder. If you need any assistance to buy property in UK, I’m always there at your service. You can contact me @ 02085175550 or else visit: www.propsavvy.com